Updates – List of Funders, new blog

April 26, 2020


I hope everybody is staying as safe and healthy as you are able.  I have two big updates!  Well, three.  I guess the first, first is that I’m diving into the world of blogging.  I’m hoping to use this platform to communicate updates, news, and maybe (just maybe) a few Covid reflections. 

The second first, due to the tremendous help of shi’buddy Elizabeth, the website is a little more manageable.  I’ll get some regional categories going and I have a few more organizations to add.  Thank you all for sending along suggestions and getting the word out.  And a huge thank you to Elizabeth for helping out with the website.  Ahe’hee!

Second, a few colleagues at work put together a list of organizations that are giving out funding.  I posted the list and please share with organizations or groups that are looking to apply for funding for Covid relief.  The colleagues that put this list together all work in fundraising and development and I’m very happy that they collected these resources. 

Thank you all for spreading the word!  I hope that we can keep funding flowing to groups on the ground doing work in Indian Country.