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These organizations and community groups are asking for physical donations to help them respond to needs in Indian Country resulting from Covid-19.


These organizations and community groups need masks. I will try and keep this updated. Last updated April 29, 2020.

  • Tuba City Regional Health Care – See below
  • Blackfeet Nation – See below
  • Zuni Pueblo Relief – See below
  • Round Valley Indian Tribes – P.O. Box 448, Covelo, CA 95428
  • Pueblo of Acoma Community – P.O. Box 328, Acoma Pueblo, NM 87034, email with questions
  • Warm Springs Reservation – IHS/Mask Donation, P.O. Box C, Warm Springs, OR 97761
  • Chinle Chapter Government, Navajo Nation – P.O. Box 1809, Chinle, AZ 86503, email, 928-674-2052 with questions
  • Seeding Sovereignty – check for information to send masks.

New York Indian Council and Rhode Island Indian Council

  • Need – The New York Indian Council and Rhode Island Indian Council welcomes donations of supplies such as masks, sanitizers, gloves, and thermometers for supply kits.
  • Contact Gena Derosena, Wellness Assistant,
  • Website –

Navajo Nation Covid-19 Fund

  • Immediate Need – Special need for homemade cloth and fabric masks, can be sent via UPS/FedEx to Window Rock Wellness Center Building 4496, State Highway 264, Window Rock, AZ 86515
  • Medical Needs – N95 Masks, Non-latex gloves (nitrile) and other medical grade gloves, Goggles/eye protection, Surgical and isolation masks, Thermometers (no touch scan), Portable pulse oximeters (handheld), Ventilators, Non-perfumed hand sanitizer (60% or more ethanol alcohol or 70% isopropanol), Disinfecting wipes and sprays, Alcohol-based cleaning wipes (e.g. Sani-Cloth wipes)
  • Community Needs – Cleaning supplies, including disinfectant wipes and spray, Liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer, Toiletries, Thermometers, Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, and tissue), Non-perishable food, Bottled water, Baby necessities, including formula, diapers, and wipes, Hay and feed for livestock, Pet food, Firewood and coal
  • Website

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation

  • Medical Supplies – surgical masks, sterile nasopharyngeal specimen collection swabs, disinfectant wipes, isolation or surgical gowns, non-latex patient exam gloves, bunny suits, disposable face shields, boot covers, reusable half-mask respirators, goggles, non-disposable face shields (all in unopened boxes unless individually wrapped)
  • Homemade Supplies – homemade fabric/cloth masks, hand-sewn gowns (urgent need), caps, booties (patterns are on the website)
  • Supplies can be mailed to Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, Attn: Donations, 3008 East Birch Avenue, Tuba City, AZ 86045
  • Please contact Lisa Butler, before shipping
  • Website –

Zuni Pueblo Relief

  • Requested Donations – masks, disposable gloves, toilet paper, paper towels, water, hand sanitizer, liquid or bar soap, anti-bacterial general purpose cleaner, canned fruits and veggies, rice, dry beans, flour, canned tuna, spam, potatoes
  • Ship donations to Zuni Relief, House #81, Silt Road, Zuni, NM 87327
  • Email for info
  • Instagram – @zunipueblorelief

Northern Cheyenne – Native Action

  • In need of fabric and other mask making supplies
  • Ship via UPS to P.O. Box 1294, Lame Deer, MT 59043
  • Ship via FedEx/UPS to 600 Spotted Elk Drive, Lame Deer, MT 59043
  • Email Desi Small Rodriguez to coordinate –

Blackfeet Nation

  • The Blackfeet Nation is in urgent need of reusable masks for students and elders.
  • Masks can be mailed to Blackfeet Nation, c/o Nikki Hannon, 2 Art Perrine Road, Cut Bank, MT 59427.
  • Contact Nikki at

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